2013 Joseph T. Houlihan Lifetime Mentor Award Nomination

The Rhode Island Bar Association’s Executive Committee is now accepting nominations, due no later than March 6, 2013, for the Joseph T. Houlihan Lifetime Mentor Award.

This Award honors individuals who, during their careers, have consistently demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to successfully mentoring in the Rhode Island legal community.  The Award recognizes an attorney who serves as a role model to other lawyers in Rhode Island and who has significantly contributed to the profession and/or the community.  The award recognizes those, who with their excellent counsel, have excelled as mentors and contributed to the ideals of ethics, civility, professionalism and legal skills. The award is named for the late Joseph T. Houlihan who was known for his generosity of spirit and legal expertise in and out of the courtroom.  Mr. Houlihan believed in doing all he could to make lawyers strive to be the best they can be in how they think, speak, write, and represent the legal profession. Such commitment and extraordinary effort may be demonstrated by the nominee’s work involving:

  • number and diversity of lawyers/law students mentored through Rhode Island Bar Association  programs;
  • assistance to others in presenting and publishing their work, improving the quality of legal services and serving the public;
  • providing psychological support, encouragement, and essential strategies for balanced life in the legal community;
  • continuing interest in the mentored individual’s professional advancement.
  • promoting professional development for the Bar through contributions to Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and/or the Rhode Island Bar Journal     

The Houlihan Award honors service to others, idealism, intelligence, and a high degree of integrity. It is presented to a member who has made a selfless contribution to the legal community to strengthen the effectiveness of the American system of justice by instilling a better understanding and appreciation of the law. Nominations for the Award, including a written report detailing how the nominee meets the criteria noted above, are due no later than March 6, 2013 and addressed to:

2013 Joseph T. Houlihan Lifetime Mentor Award Committee
Frederick Massie
Rhode Island Bar Association
41 Sharpe Dr.
Cranston, RI 02920
telephone: (401) 421-5740
email: fmassie@ribar.com