RI Judiciary E-Filing and Case Management Implementation Process Update

02/26/2014 -

Tyler Technologies of Plano, Texas, is the vendor and host for the Rhode Island Judiciary’s new internal case management system (Odyssey), which comes with an electronic filing component (called File & Serve) for litigants. The Judiciary plans to introduce the new systems, in a phased process, starting March 10th, beginning with the Workers’ Compensation Court (WCC) only. For this reason, the Judiciary requests that attorneys who do not practice in the area of workers’ compensation refrain from registering for training sessions allowing workers’ compensation practitioners and their staffs to access training sessions prior to the  March 10th implementation. Currently, interactive, online training sessions for WCC practitioners are scheduled for dates and times (listed in Central Standard Time by default) running from February 26th through March 10th. To access more information and to register for these sessions, please click on the following link: http://www.tylertech.com/news-events/tyler-events/client-training/odyssey-file-serve-online-training

The Judiciary and Tyler Technologies will add more sessions as needed. This is the Judiciary’s chance to test the system in a fairly small area of practice before rolling it out over the next two to three years in the rest of the courts. The implementation schedule for other Rhode Island courts is as follows:

    Superior & District Courts - Civil: October 2014 

    Family Court - Domestic: October 2014
    Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal: May 2015 

    Family Court - Criminal: June 2016 

    Superior & District Courts - Criminal: June 2016 

    Supreme Court: June 2016

Please note that pre-implementation training programs will be offered two months in advance of the implementation, and it will be most beneficial for users to take the training closer to the rollout date for their area of practice. As with the Workers’ Compensation Court, the Judiciary expects to use small focus groups of attorneys for feedback before progressing through the different courts and areas of practice.

If attorneys do not have access to a personal computer, the Judiciary will provide a training room with 20 seats on the third floor of the Kent County Courthouse, where there is free parking, for all the listed training sessions The Judiciary will provide overflow seats at an alternate location if needed.

A trainer from Tyler Technologies will lead the hour-long, online webinar training sessions. Participants will be able to ask questions of the trainer at the end of the session via a “chat room” in which questions can be typed on the computer screen and viewed by all who are participating in that session. Tyler brought the entire state of Texas online for e-filing in January 2014 with this method of instruction.

While the Judiciary has training dates and times at the ready, they are still working on instructions for signing up and participating at Kent County. The Judiciary is also working on user guidelines, document checklists and provisional court rules for electronic filing. This information will be published on the Judiciary’s website (www.courts.ri.gov) as it becomes available in the coming days.

One of the upcoming webinar training sessions will be recorded and made available for review at any time on the Judiciary’s website (www.courts.ri.gov). This recording may be a good refresher for someone who has already taken the live training, and may also serve as an introduction to the process to practitioners in other courts. The online webinar training sessions for WCC areeligible for 1 CLE credit, details to come. There is no credit given for viewing the recorded session.

Please note, once e-filing is implemented for the Worker’s Compensation Court, there is a proposed filing fee per case of $17.50, which is in addition to any fee the Workers’ Compensation Court charges which is currently$20. There is also a proposed technology fee of $3.25 per case. There are no further fees for additional filings or parties within the same case. However, there will be costs for whatever the online credit card vendor charges, anticipated in tiers or by percentage of the transaction, but still to be determined.

The $17.50 e-filing fee goes to Tyler Technologies as the host of the e-filing system. Tyler will maintain the system and provide all support services to users, including a “help desk.” In addition, the Judiciary will receive all upgrades and enhancements to the Tyler product. The $3.25 technology fee goes to the Judiciary for upkeep and improvements to the internal case management system.

More information on these topics will be forthcoming on the Judiciary website, and the Rhode Island Bar Association will also pass along more details to Bar members as these details become available.