Handling A Foreclosure- Food For Thought (Providence)
Additional Information:
This session provides a basic, step-by-step guide for handling a foreclosure, from the mailing of the 45-day demand right through to the recording of the foreclosure deed. We will review the tasks and obligations required at each step, and try to highlight the potential pitfalls. Practitioners who have been asked to handle the occasional foreclosure action, whether by a client who is an institutional mortgagee or a private mortgage-holder, will benefit from this crash course.

In the event of inclement weather which causes severe or hazardous driving conditions, call the RIBA CLE program at 401-421-5740 or check the Bar's website for cancellation information. You will receive written notification of the new seminar date.

Event Date: 2/28/2013
Event Time: 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
Rhode Island Law Center, 115 Cedar St., Providence

Event Cost:
  Member $40.00

Credit Hours:
  General 1 hrs