Effectively Representing Your Client in Mediation
Additional Information:
Mediation is becoming more and more prevalent as judges, insurance carriers and clients look for ways to resolve legal disputes without the time and expense attendant to protracted litigation. Like it or not, attorneys are going to have to become more comfortable and effective at representing their clients when their cases get referred to mediation. This “hands-on” workshop taught by three experienced lawyer-mediators will help attorneys understand how mediation differs from either litigation or direct negotiation and will provide participants with a framework for preparing for and carrying out the most effective mediation advocacy for their clients. With a Superior Court sample case as a guide, the workshop will include instruction and a realistic mediation simulation exercise in which participants will have a chance to try out the strategies and techniques covered.

If you have a case ready for mediation, have never been through the process or just want to improve your skills, be sure to register for this dynamic seminar.

Event Date: 3/14/2013
Event Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Rhode Island Law Center, 115 Cedar St., Providence

Event Brochures:
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Event Cost:
  Member $120.00
  Associate Member $100.00
  New Lawyer Division $100.00

Credit Hours:
  Ethics 0.5 hrs
  General 2.5 hrs