Let’s Talk Communication! - IN PERSON
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Most lawyers, by nature or inclination, are born communicators; others may acquire communications skills after many years, and still, others find it the most difficult part of their practice.

But what about the unique challenge of communicating with the person it is most important to communicate with, the client, especially when they present individual limitations or challenges? Drawing on the active listening skills relied upon by jazz musicians, portrayals of attorney/client interaction depicted in film and other popular media, and common sense "best practices", this program provides invaluable tips and insights into making attorney/client communication more "productive". Attorneys can learn how to quickly and effectively establish a relationship of trust while enhancing the caliber and quality of information given to and received from the client. Communication is the key to the attorney/client relationship. Sign up today, enhance your skills, and learn how you can become a more effective communicator.

Michael A. DiLauro, Esq.
Event Date: 3/23/2018
Event Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Rhode Island Law Center, 41 Sharpe Drive, Cranston

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  Member $135.00
  New Lawyer Division $125.00
  Non-Member $250.00

Credit Hours:
  Ethics 2 hrs