Expeditious Removal of Mechanics Liens - IN PERSON
Additional Information:
You received a telephone call from your client. The property owner was expecting to close on his or her property next week when they learned that an unpaid subcontractor or supplier just recorded a mechanics’ lien on their property.

Your client has asked you, "how do I get the lien off of the property as quickly as possible?"

This seminar will discuss the options available to property owners and general contractors looking to expeditiously remove mechanics’ liens filed on the property. The seminar will also consider subcontractors, suppliers and contractors seeking to maintain their mechanics’ liens. Attendees will learn how to properly prosecute and defend motions filed under the "Show Cause" provisions of the mechanics’ lien statute, as well as to prosecute and defend motions to "bond off" and "cash off" mechanics’ liens.

Roger N. LeBoeuf, Esq.
Hannah M. Mowry, Esq.

Event Date: 10/23/2018
Event Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Rhode Island Law Center, 41 Sharpe Drive, Cranston

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Event Cost:
  Member $135.00
  New Lawyer Division $125.00

Credit Hours:
  General 2 hrs