Lawyers Living Well
a compilation of resources to help attorneys find a work-life balance focusing on mindfulness, fitness, and overall wellness.

Being a lawyer is a high-stress job. Our focus is always on the client’s problems and the “to do” list is ever growing.  However, in addition to serving our clients, we must also pay attention to our own mental, emotional, and physical health. There are many available resources to assist attorneys in doing just that.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers
Rhode Island Bar Association members and their dependents may receive free and confidential help, information, assessment and referral for personal concerns through the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Program.  Services are available through the Association’s contract with Coastline Employee Assistance Program (Coastline EAP, formerly RIEAS) and through the members of the Rhode Island Bar Association’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee.

The Story of My Health and Fitness Journey- John Tarantino, Esq.
Keeping Fit at the Office- Ryan McGowan, Personal Trainer

Remembering Wise Words- Bruce W. McIntyre, Esq.
Movement Snacks for Your Body and Mind- Ryan McGowan, Personal Trainer
Know Thyself- Anonymous
"Less is More...So I Say" - R.J. Resmini, Esq. (a rebuttal to John Tarantino’s wellness piece)
Mindfulness and Legal Practice
December Is Impaired Driving Awareness Month


Coastline EAP   login with Rhode Island Bar Association company name
WellTrack   Coastline EAP in partnership with WellTrack offers you and your family members an online tool for managing stress, anxiety, depression and phobias.
ABA Lawyer Assistance Resources
Mayo Clinic Relaxation Techniques
Lawyerist- Fitting Fitness into Your Life
Benefits of Exercise for Lawyers
25 Ways to Make Time for Fitness
Tips for Traveling Lawyers
Mindful Lawyer Magazine (free download)
Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
The Path to Lawyer Well-Being

Phone Apps

S.A.M. (self help anxiety management)