Rhode Island Bar Journal Article Selection Criteria

The Rhode Island Bar Journal, an official publication of the Rhode Island Bar Association, is a paid subscription magazine published bi-monthly, six times annually and sent to all practicing attorneys and sitting judges, in Rhode Island. This constitutes an audience of over 6,000 individuals. Covering issues of relevance and providing updates on events, programs and meetings, the Rhode Island Bar Journal is a magazine that is read on arrival and, most often, kept for future reference.

Article Selection Criteria

  • The Rhode Island Bar Journal gives first preference to original articles, written expressly for first publication in the Bar Journal, by members of the Rhode Island Bar Association. The Bar Journal does not accept unsolicited articles from individuals who are not members of the Rhode Island Bar Association. Articles previously appearing in other publications are not accepted.
  • All submitted articles are subject to the Journal’s editors’ approval, and they reserve the right to edit or reject any articles submitted for publication.
  • Selection for publication is based on the article’s relevance to our readers, determined by content and timeliness. Articles appealing to the widest range of interests are particularly appreciated. However, commentaries dealing with more specific areas of law are given equally serious consideration.
  • Preferred format includes: a clearly presented statement of purpose and/or thesis in the introduction; supporting evidence or arguments in the body; and a summary conclusion.
  • Citations conform to the Uniform System of Citation.
  • Usual article size is approximately 3,500 words. Larger or smaller articles are accepted.
  • While authors may be asked to edit articles themselves, the editors reserve the right to edit pieces for legal size, presentation and grammar.
  • Articles are accepted for review on a rolling basis. Meeting the criteria noted above does not guarantee publication. Articles are selected and published at the discretion of the editors.
  • Submissions are preferred in a Microsoft Word format emailed as an attachment or on disc. Hard copy is acceptable, but not recommended.
  • Authors are asked to include a brief (one sentence) description of their current employment and a photograph (headshot) preferably in a jpg file of at least 300 d.p.i. with their submissions.
Send articles for consideration to:
Kathleen M. Bridge, Managing Editor by email to: kbridge@ribar.com
or telephone: 401-421-5740

Material published in the Rhode Island Bar Journal remains the property of the Journal, and the author consents to the rights of the Rhode Island Bar Journal to copyright the work.