Annual Attorney Registration on New Rhode Island Supreme Court Attorney Portal

04/24/2019 -According to a notice from the Rhode Island Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, the 2019 - 2020 annual attorney registration cycle is now open on the new RISCAP.  Registering online using RISCAP is mandatory.

To gain access to RISCAP, attorneys must register on the new system available here.

The Office has created easy to follow instructions on how to register on RISCAP. The staffs at Tyler Technologies and the Clerk's Office are available to assist attorneys.

For assistance registering an account on RISCAP, please contact Tyler Technologies at 1-800-297-5377. For assistance with attorney registration and other attorney-licensing needs, please contact the Clerk's Office at

The attorney registration deadline is July 1.  Failure to register by July 1 will result in the assessment of a $125.00 late fee and the automatic removal from the Master Roll of Attorneys without further notice.

There are two (2) exceptions to the mandatory online filing requirement.  First, the Court will accept a single registration fee payment manually from an employer when the payment is for five (5) or more attorneys.  Single payments submitted by an employer for five (5) or more attorneys must be accompanied by a completed Annual Attorney Registration Statement Single Payment form which lists each attorney for whom payment is being submitted and which acknowledges that any changes to the registration information for those attorneys have been submitted online via RISCAP.  Single payment forms are available under the heading of Public Resources, Forms, Supreme Court on the Rhode Island Judiciary's website.

Second, attorneys may petition the Supreme Court for an exemption of the mandatory online filing requirement in accordance with the existing electronic filing waiver process set forth in Article X, Rule 3(c).

Attorneys will receive periodic reminders of the July 1 deadline but are encouraged to register online now to ensure timely registration.