Seminar Helps Lawyers (Ethically) Market Their Practice in the Digital Age

03/09/2017 -
Speaker: Carl P. DeLuca, Esq.

The March 2nd seminar, How to Ethically Market Your Practice in the Digital Age, reviewed ethical considerations for all attorneys to keep in mind as new technology continues to impact the practice of law. Presenter Carl P. DeLuca, Esq., discussed the history of attorney marketing including ethical restrictions and landmark cases, plus the seedy side of marketing, such as ambulance chasers and pay-per-lead programs. The CLE seminar examined various advertising mediums and the Rhode Island requirements for ethical marketing, and tips on how to avoid the pitfalls using current guidelines and discussion from the ABA. The seminar will be offered again on April 4th in Wakefield, and will also be available on demand through the Bar’s website by the middle of March.