Casemaker Tip of the Week

06/19/2017 - You have History with Casemaker

Perhaps you have found yourself logged out of Casemaker. This is normal – to protect your privacy, Casemaker will log you out automatically after time has passed without any activity on your part. However, you may be concerned you won’t be able to get back to what you were doing. Don’t worry! Casemaker can help! Casemaker keeps a history of your activity as you search and browse. You can access this at any time by clicking the History link in the upper right corner of Casemaker. At the History link, you can view what you had worked with previously. The data is marked with a time stamp and if you were working with the Client function, you will see the tagged Client information as well. You can also delete content from the History screen if you wish by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu.