Consider Taking a Pro Bono Case This Holiday Season

12/05/2017 - ‘Tis the season of giving; please consider giving the gift of peace of mind.  You can spread the holiday cheer by taking one of the pro bono cases listed below:

Divorce/Domestic Violence, not yet filed, Providence

Client is the wife and mother of couple’s 3 children (ages 15, 11, 8). Due to the increasing volatility of her husband she was forced to move herself and the children into a shelter for a few months. Client and children have recently been able to move into an apartment. There is a restraining order against the husband until September of 2018. The RO allows father supervised visits with the children. Client would like to file for divorce and wants full custody of the children. If you would like to assist with this case, please contact Volunteer Lawyer Program Coordinator, John Ellis at (401) 421-7758 or

Final Judgment, Elderly Pro Bono Program

Providence, RI – Client and husband divorced in 1998.  During the process of applying for her recently deceased husband’s social security, the client realized the final judgment had never been entered.  She is now in need of someone to complete the process. Client owns no property and is on Social Security.

Eviction/Noncompliance (Elderly Housing) –Elderly Pro Bono

Pawtucket, RI – Client’s daughter returned from Florida and asked her mom if she and her family could stay with client for a few days.  Client agreed, but pointed out that it could only be for a few days because of the building regulations.  In the meantime client became ill and was hospitalized for pneumonia.  Upon returning home client informed daughter her time was up and she would have to leave.  Client’s daughter then called police and accused mother of assaulting her at which point client was removed from home, arrested and charged with assault.  She is now homeless and living in her car.  To make matters worse she is now being evicted for noncompliance for allowing her daughter to stay longer that the allotted time/abandoning the apartment. Client has public defender working on assault charge and was referred by RI Legal Services because of a conflict on their end. Client is on Social Security.