The Defamation Experience Comes to RIBA!

04/03/2018 - The Rhode Island Bar Association had the pleasure of hosting The Defamation Experience, a unique and interactive diversity program, on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. The play explores the highly charged issues of race, religion, gender, class, and the law with a twist: the audience is the jury. Through deliberations and post-show discussions, the audience engages in civil discourse that challenges preconceived notions. The Bar Association thanks the actors for a fantastic performance!

(left to right: James Leaming, Risha Tenae, Tom Hickey, CLE Director Tanya Nieves, Bar President Linda Rekas Sloan, Gina Taliaferro, Will McFadden, and Kimm Beavers)

Actors Kimm Beavers and Gina Taliaferro answer audience questions following the performance

Actor Kimm Beavers interacts with an audience member following the show

Actor Gina Taliaferro and Bar member Nancy Davis, Esq.

Bar President Linda Rekas Sloan, Esq., Actor Kimm Beavers, and Bar member Richard Jessup, Esq.

The actors chatted up the audience members following the performance