New Member Benefit: Red Cave Consulting

09/21/2018 -We are pleased to announce an exciting new member benefit that we are proud to offer our members: law practice management consulting services by Red Cave Consulting. This virtual consulting service is offered FREE to our members! This means that you are able to utilize the service, on an unlimited basis, by email, telephone, chat, or video conference. Here are just a few of the various issues that the consulting service can address:
  • If you're looking to move your technology platform to the cloud, Red Cave can discuss solutions fitted to your law practice, and help you to manage the changeover.
  • Legal consumers are more demanding than ever before. In order to market your practice effectively, you have to reach them where they are and provide compelling solutions. Red Cave can help you to modernize your marketing plan with a focus on cost-effective solutions.
  • Many law firms operate without a budget, don't project revenue and have difficulty managing their trust accounting obligations. Red Cave can help you to tighten your financial ship, so you can collect and keep more of what you earn.
  • It's difficult to grow any small business, but law firms have unique rules and requirements that they must follow. If it's time to staff up, and build your practice, Red Cave can help you to align your dreams with a practical plan for growth.
Red Cave has 10+ years of law firm business management consulting experience, and has advised over 3,000 law firms. They can assist you with issues surrounding law office technology, marketing, financial management, and more. The Bar’s website will also feature regular tips from the company related to practice management. To access this free member benefit, please visit our law practice management page to begin.

We are very excited to offer this opportunity to our members which we believe will help you optimize your practice, become more effective and efficient, and make the best business decisions for your particular situation. We hope you will take advantage of this excellent opportunity today!