Reminder Regarding Scam Emails

10/29/2018 -As a courtesy to our members, we would like to remind all to be wary of email scams targeting Rhode Island attorneys.  A recent example of an email scam involves a foreign seller, purporting to have a cash deal with a Rhode Island buyer, looking to hire a Rhode Island attorney to draft a purchase and sales agreement. The foreign seller notes that they found the attorney through the “RI Bar referral service.” This seems to be an attempt to gain trust from the attorney. The RI Bar Association is confident that the scammer has not gained access to the membership list of the Lawyer Referral Service, and it is likely that the scammer replaces the name of the state depending on where the email is directed.

As it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between scam and legitimate client emails, please remember to be diligent in investigating the client before responding to email solicitations.