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01/14/2019 -Bar members are entitled to FREE virtual consultations with Red Cave Law Firm Consulting. Red Cave will assist you with issues such as billing & collection, client relations, data management, financial management & revenue goals, marketing, social media content, office technology, time management, and disaster prevention & recovery. Check out Red Cave’s weekly law practice management tip below!

Spread Offense: Diversification is Key to Law Firm Marketing Efforts

When thinking about how to market a law firm effectively, the question of frequency is important, especially as it relates to content marketing: get as much of your stuff out there into the world, as often as you can, and people are bound to pay attention to you. It’s not quite that simple; but, that is the gist of it. In addition to having a lot of marketing materials in your holster, though, it’s also important to consider the breadth of your marketing attack.... click here to read more.

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