Limited Scope Opportunities are Here!

02/27/2019 -Improving service to the public is a proven way to expand your practice areas and increase your client base. The Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service receives thousands of calls for help in obtaining attorneys every year. Now, more than ever, the Lawyer Referral Service is receiving telephone calls from the public who are seeking attorneys who will provide limited scope representation in a variety of areas including family law, collections, landlord/tenant, contracts, etc. Individuals contacting the LRS have asked to be referred to attorneys for many limited scope services including the preparation and filing of documents, review of contracts, final judgments, and more. 

Whether your practice is established or you are newly-admitted, providing limited scope representation is an innovative approach to providing services to the public seeking affordable options. Many self-represented litigants are seeking attorneys who will draft complaints, motions and other legal documents. Similarly, self-represented litigants who manage to obtain court orders or judgments have no idea that these pronouncements need to be reduced to writing and filed with the court. Consider offering your limited scope services to these litigants. Limited Scope is a great economic tool for your practice.

If you are currently a member of the Lawyer Referral Service and wish to receive limited scope referrals within certain areas of law please email or or call us at 401-421-7799. If you are not a current member and would like to join the Lawyer Referral Service and also provide these beneficial services, we are looking forward to hearing from you.